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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does a basic mowing service include at BPM?

A. A BPM Mowing Service consists of edges trimmed, grass collection mowing, blowing down of hard surfaces, removal of grass clippings, poisoning of weeds in the cracks of the concrete/pavers/gravel.

Q. Why do you charge for Rubbish Removal?

A. Unfortunately Rubbish Removal takes considerable time out of the day and involves taking a trip to the tip at Ferny Grove. We join the queue on both arrival and departure for the weighbridge charge and also queue when at the tip face.

Q. Why do I have to pay for Rubbish Removal if I supply you or your staff with B.C.C. Vouchers?

A. The vouchers or the cost that we pay at the tip is the smallest component of the Rubbish Removal Fee (five Vouchers are worth approx. $16.00). Many of our customers give us their vouchers if they have no use for them. We greatly appreciate this kind gesture as it does help to keep our costs down.

Q. Why do you have a Seven Day Account and not a 30 Day Account?

A. We prefer to be paid on the day our service is provided, but do understand that this is not convenient or practical for everyone. BPM is a small business however our biggest costs are staff wages – these are paid weekly.

Please help us by paying your invoice "Within Seven Days". Some customers pre-pay a lump sum to save the hassle of paying after every service. Feel free to discuss this option with me at any time.


Q. What are your hours of operation?

A. I am available for contact from 6am- 6pm Monday to Friday. Our Staff roster is:

Monday - Wednesday: 7am - 5pm Thursday: 7am - 3pm Friday 7am - 2pm

All Gardening Services will be provided within these hours.

Q. Why can't your staff do an extra job for me when they arrive, without giving you any notice?

A. Please send all work requests to me so I can allow enough time in their day to complete your request.

During peak times it is not unusual for us to be booked out for 4 to 6 weeks in advance. Days are normally fully booked from start to finish so any unscheduled requests may not be able to be accommodated on that occasion.

Q. Why does my Lawn have to be mown on a particular day?

A. BPM services most of the Northern & Western Suburbs of Brisbane. To keep costs down we service all of our clients properties in each Suburb on the same day, trying to avoid Bin Collection Day.

Q. Why don't you check every Job that your staff complete?

A. On a normal day it is not unusual for BPM to service up to 80 properties. Like most businesses I rely on my staff to complete their tasks to the standard that I set and have trained them to. I personally conduct random spot checks everyday when I am on the road providing quotes & purchasing supplies. I do this to ensure quality standards are being met.

Occasionally we may make mistakes, so please contact me directly if you believe your property is not being maintained to the BPM standard. You can email me at and I'll make sure it is sorted and rectified on the next service.

Many thanks and if you wish to discuss any further requirements for your property, please don't hesitate to contact me at anytime.

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